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Mobile Learning White Paper

Getting beyond the hype, down to real solutions

Today we operate in a world which relies and puts great emphasis on mobilizing content and information. With everyone looking for information on the go, "Mobile Learning" or "mLearning" became the most natural extension of eLearning. Today almost all the stakeholders in the eLearning world are focusing on getting their Mobile Learning strategies right.

There are a string of theories and opinions about mLearning and related tools and technologies emphasizing on the potential it holds in the future. However for the purpose of this white paper, we wanted to present more than a generic view of the current situation.

White Paper

             Reactions on the White Paper
Through this white paper, we attempt to analyze the situation and answer the peripheral questions that go into making a correct Mobile Learning strategy. Also given the current situation and technologies what are the challenges and solutions for mLearning development.

We have covered mLearning for the corporate world. Companies that want to train their employees or eLearning companies that sell courses to adult learners for work related skills.

We are not covering mLearning as what it means to the academic audience and learners in schools and colleges. We may prepare a separate white paper for that in the future but for now, this white paper is limited to adult learners in a corporate setting. We have also added a quick survey at the end to gather views of our readers about mLearning. We will be sharing the result with you after collecting all responses.

Key Points
  • Which device are we talking about for mLearning?
  • Why the loss of Flash is so important to mLearning development?
  • HTML5 and the audio sync problem with respect to the iPad
  • Currently available and future HTML 5 authoring tools
  • The million dollar questions in mLearning
  • Our suggestions
  • Samples for mLearning using Lectora and Storyline

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